Everywhere noise.

Clattering swathes high-pitched instances. Broken interspersions pale dulled non-thoughts. What’s left over. Spelling mistakes corrected descriptions cleaned bleached deleted stops. Mid-ideas. The gaps between stuck held.

Lost – a place in Scotland, somewhere West. Easily found. No difference in the long run between default self-referencing and whoever’s agenda takes you there.

Recognition empty air mingling jumbling incoherent associations. Nothing special. No clustering no insights. A knee-jerk reaction mapping relentless attention distraction. Other. Gone. Staring not seeing no shaping. Creeping strangling monoculture faked smiles testing intents.

Interpersonal unintelligence, given what’s known to be unbridgeable. Outer linguals smother inner whispers. Trace linguistic not quite rightness. Cacophonous none-ness.