The Changing Seasons in Pictures

I’m taking up Cardinal Guzman’s challenge to photograph a single location, month by month, over the course of a calendar year, tracking the changing seasons there. The post published immediately after this one will be my opening January offering.

Changing Seasons badge C

Visit the Cardinal's "twisted world" for further details.

If I can be described as any kind of photographer other than ‘amateur’, it is ‘opportunistic’. I rarely set out with the intention of photographing anything in particular under any kind of specific conditions but I usually have a compact camera somewhere about my person whenever I leave the house.

Some women don’t leave home without a lipstick. I don’t leave without a Canon or an Olympus – or both, a boy or a dog – or both, all manner of stuff necessary for being prepared for any boy or dog (or both) eventuality, a notebook, a pen or two, a pocket bottle of aloe vera hand gel, a tube of moisturiser, a NAS ‘Autism Alert’ card, etc… I don’t travel light and I don’t have the luxury of time to sit and wait for the perfect haze, movement or moment for that shot. What I do have is a husband who thinks it’s funny to photobomb my quickly composed landscapes.


In an attempt to stretch, flex and generally polish up my photographic proficiency I’m going to try to convey photographically – and with creative intent(!) – why my favourite place, The Crags, is my favourite place.

In terms of numbers I plan to create twelve galleries of twenty-five pictures each, giving me a closing count of three hundred pictures by the end of December. In a final end-of-year flurry I will then append the collected galleries with further photographs sourced from the Aspernauts archive and elsewhere to end 2016 with 365 Personal Impressions of The Crags.