Blogger Recognition Award

The year is nearing its end. Let’s wrap it up with an award.

A sincere thank you to Sabah Batul for nominating me. This award originated at Edge of Night and full guidelines for gameplay can be found there. The condensed guide to participation is:

(1) Enlighten the rest of the blogosphere as to why you are here – blogging that is, not existing!

(2) Offer a gem or two of blogging advice (if you have any) to newbie bloggers.

(3) Pass the love along…


Boy and I had a conversation recently which went something like this:

Boy:  Mummy, what is your job?

Me:  I’m your Mummy. Being a parent is my job.

Boy:  That’s not your job. That’s just what you are. What do you do?

Me:  What do you think I do?


Boy:  You do the dishes.

At some point in the future I would like Boy to discover that there was always – perhaps – a little bit more to his Mummy than someone who washed up and dried the dishes. I’m never going to be a professional writer or photographer (or a professional anything else for that matter) but, every now and again, I capture an interesting image or string a half-decent sentence together. Occasionally I have a creative surge of some sort and combine the two.

Proving my intellectual worth to my nearest and dearest is not why I started this blog  – proving it to myself, maybe –  but I have come to often think of it in those terms. I actually began this blog as a way of ordering my thoughts and working through some stuff. I’ve held back a lot.

Two years on from my first post, I think I’m finally beginning to find my blogging voice. I’ve found a little niche, set down a foundational archive of sorts and have at least some idea of what I’d like Aspernauts to eventually become.

I feel like I can now legitimately call myself a blogger.

And the next time anyone asks me what I do, I’ll say, “I blog. (And I accept blogging awards!)” 🙂


I’m not sure I’m best placed to offer anyone any advice about blogging. It all depends why you’re here, I guess.

Be yourself. Be authentic. That’s the only advice I have.

Seasonal Selfie!
Seasonal Selfie!


I nominate for the Blogger Recognition Award, in near perfect alphabetical order:


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Apologies to anyone on this list whose “Award?! Are you serious?! Do I  write/create/look like a blogger who does the award thing?!” page I missed. And the only honest answer is: No, you don’t!

Season’s Greetings and all that. 🙂 x

Blogger Recognition Award 2C