Versatile Blogger Award

Rules of play:

• Display the award on your blog and thank the blogger who nominated you.

• Post seven interesting heretofore undisclosed things about yourself.

• Nominate fifteen further bloggers with the award & add links and comments to those nominees’ blogs.

• Tilt your head, assume a quizzical expression and marvel at the randomness of it all!

I have found nothing in the Versatile Blogger Award  rules equating to anything even vaguely resembling a statute of limitations with respect to accepting one of these things. Good! My own personal feeling is that allowing the time between nomination and receipt to stretch to anything beyond a year is probably taking the razz a wee bit; which leaves me with a little under a week to say “Thank you” to Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training. Many thanks, Chris! 🙂

Here are my 7:

1) I’m not great with deadlines – or other people’s notions of where or when I ought to be or be doing (clearly!) This can be verified by any teacher who has ever set me an essay or expected a lab report from me. I can think of several ex bosses who would roll their eyes at that admission too.

2) On the subject of employment, I have a remarkably potted job history. I’ve worked in several anaesthetic departments (animal and human), mixed cocktails, taken bets and made and fitted telemetric tracking devices to birds of prey. And a whole bunch of other stuff besides. By far the weirdest thing I have ever been paid to do was to photograph the physics professor’s piles – and I’m not talking about his books and papers! But that’s a – very – long – story.

3) I’m not a girly girl by any stretch of the imagination. I can count the number of times I’ve worn a dress in the last decade on one hand (and one of those was on my wedding day). I’m much more confident with power tools than I am with make-up brushes and I absolutely do not do pink. Having said that, I did once break that self-imposed rule when I did this to myself as a teenager:

Pink Hair C

4) I have spent a fair few hours under the tattooist’s needle and I love my ink:

‘Natura non facit saltum’ roughly translates to ‘Nature does not make giant leaps’ and is referred to in The Origin of Species. It becomes a useful psychological tool for me when reformulated into the reality-centred, self-grounding edict of ‘Start with what you’ve already got’.

5) I used to belly dance – more Ghawazee gypsy than Egyptian cabaret – but that was pre-pregnancy when my body and time were still my own. I’m yet to fully reclaim the former and unlikely ever to reclaim the latter! I like the idea of yoga for regrouping but I’m actually much more likely to dust off my tap shoes.

6) “If I die before you, I want L7’s Pretend We’re Dead playing at my funeral,” I told Dave out of the blue. He barely looked up from his cards. He paused…

“I don’t know it,” he said. “You’ll have to send me a link or post it to your blog.”

So here it is:

7) The book I’m currently reading is Jane Alison Sherwin’s Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome – My Daughter is Not Naughty. The reason I’m including that little snippet of information is because Jane is a blogger here at WordPress. Her colourful, interesting and informative blog can be found here.

Here are my 15:

(in alphabetical order)

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Some bloggers I follow or have bookmarked just don’t do the award thing. Others I follow already have the VBA. And there are some for whom such a thing just clearly does not ‘fit’ with their blogging vibe. I suspect some of the nominees on my list may indeed identify with that last category. No matter. Acceptance is far from compulsory! If any of my nominees would prefer to pass their award on to someone they feel might get a bigger kick out of it than themselves, then that is fine by me. If you just want to quietly smile to yourself whilst thinking, ‘I really can’t be bothered with all that malarkey,’ then that’s fine by me also. I just dig what you do!

Versatile Blogger Award 2C