Planet PDA

…Flailed by its fluid surface often enough.

Often enough to wonder exactly where the tipping point is.

Did we flip it? Or was that turbulence?

It’s hard to say.

Bizarrely, differently normal.

Gillberg’s Extreme Demand Avoidance reflections,

(Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 55:7 (2014), pp 769-770)

Look a lot like Blendoku  –  only in black and white  –

“…it is more likely that any kind of


including language disorder,

…ADHD, ODD and/or ASD

could be the underlying or associated problem in PDA.


…PDA is not a variant of any of these disorders,

but represents a relatively unique behavioural phenotype with multiple comorbidites,

much like any other

‘Child psychiatric disorder’.”

By lonely few.

Wouldn’t care to assign two twelfths of  primary:secondary, tertiary tones

to any, all,

None of the above.

But the colours on my touch screen puzzle-bind atypical

Morphemes in their uncommon melting pots to a working mind map,

A visual, conceptual mnemonic

“[S]elective[?] mutism,

…School refusal,

…behavioural phenotype syndromes,