Twenty Minutes…

First, upload some photos:

Set the timer to twenty.

And write…

I didn’t know where to start with home-schooling either. So I crashed a web company tea party on the fifth floor of an old brewery where they design primary teaching resources. Red Shloer and sweet popcorn go really nicely together.

We’re into our second week now. Going by the pictures alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking we were just messing about. Pressing palms, heels and knees into an ink pad and frog-hopping up and down the play room is what the occupational therapist would call a proprioceptive activity – an extended movement break. I like to think of it as just messing about! Learning naturally through movement and experimentation and having fun.

We worked on fractions and symmetry this morning. Mid-morning actually. We were late getting started as I was forced to drive over to the school to ring the paediatrician’s secretary from the business administrators office. She was the clerk last week. Incompetent is as incompetent does.

Had I stayed home all morning I would have missed out on the oddities of the village’s weird-ass scarecrow festival (!?!) And wouldn’t that have been a tragedy. One hay bale was snorkeling its way down a tree with a harpoon. Yes, we’re semi-rural.

I still haven’t deep cleaned the water butt. There’s a reason why I haven’t deep cleaned the water butt. I still haven’t emailed the woman from the clinical psych group. What did I do with her email address? The gym ball needs re-inflating. Oh yeah – I was gonna get a space hopper! When glitter glue popped into my head I knew this was going to turn into a shopping list – Cocktail sausages for dog training, The Little Red Hen, wellies, talc, Shloer, popcorn, stamps…

Beep beep!

Add an ellipsis to the last typed word and do a quick spell check. Where’s my pen?