Dog Distraction Therapy


Puppy Scout

(The PAWS Family Dog Project@)

Dogs for Good (Previously Dogs for the Disabled; UK registered charity)

Offers structured, practical and informative workshops to parents of children with autism,

Giving help, support and guidance in transforming their own family pet into a working autism therapy dog.

Digging, dancing, prancing

Idling, sidling – A living, breathing, feeling,

Sensory toy, squeezing his way through the cat flap to sniff out

Treats hidden under plant pots.

Retrieving tuggies, chewing tuggies, trading tuggies for


Chasing away troubles, balls and bubbles

Tunneling, crawling, weaving; find

It! Seek it! Get it! High five!

OK – on the sofa – rolling, cuddling, snuggling,

Nose nudging, warming, calming.

Dog Distraction 3

Training is fun!

Hand targeting, double-handled-lead walking, luring, shaping, settling, clickerless clicking.

Establishing eye contact, respectful relationships and bonds built on trust.

Reward, reward, reward! Sausage, cheese ham! (The cockapoo works not for kibble!)

Abandoning all notions of Alpha and the old dominance theories, subscribing instead to

Purely positive reinforcement, friendship, equality and teamwork. Togetherness. Waking, playing, laughing,

Yawning, snoozing, loving.

And Sleep...