Autism Spectrum Acronyms

“So, ASD?” Summed up the CP and (C)CP.

“Yes.” Team MDA all agreed.

The obstructive EP, second of three,

was not there to take care of her employer’s limited budget;


Neither the SaLT,

sprinkled too far and wide,

for therapy aside.

Not PDD-NOS but perhaps PDA,

AS was removed from the DSM-5.

HF ASC as a name means the same,

SPD’s now assumed, (SCD’s going live).

Concluding their input, CNN and HV,

will mail SHD and inform your GP.

The LIO will liase with the MAT at the TAC,

promise you one thing, deliver you jack!

You can request a referral to the JFC,

request on-going input from an NHS OT,

you’ll get an appointment (if you can pay a private fee).

You’ll find one out-of-County through the NAS.

CAMHS will run workshops (but won’t see your son)

on co-morbids (OCD, etc…)

“They’re really quite fun!”


[Seriously, WTF?!]

For more than two years

and through all kinds of tears,

we’ve bled dry our pens

for a Statement of SENs –

Armed with a hard copy: DfE’s CoP

and the SENCO’s S.M.A.R.T targeted SA+ IEPs,

fully fight-ready with the MS HT,

supported by AOS and EP number three…

The paperwork landed with the SAMG.

[And breathe…]

[And wait…]

At last!!!

The LEA have agreed to SA!!!

(Under threat of our right of appeal to the SENDIST.)

The outcome will pre-date the unfinished EHC

but may still just amount to a Note in Lieu (SEN CoP, paragraph 8:22).

Don’t tell me PP are independent

’cause we both know that that’s just not true!

The maze that is autism

Comes with no map

And re-arranges at speed –

Hold the rail.   Mind the Gap!

Don’t lose your co-ordinates –

The spectrum is vast;

Welcome into our weird world and its atypical cast.

Mega Sketcher Family



AOS = Autism Outreach Service

AS = Asperger’s Syndrome

ASC = Autism Spectrum Condition

ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder

CAMHS = Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

(C)CP = (Child) Clinical Psychologist

CNN = Community Nursery Nurse

CoP = Code of Practice

CP = Consultant Paediatrician

DfE = Department for Education

DSM-5 = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition)

EHC = Education Health and Care (plan)

EP = Educational Psychologist

GP = General Practitioner

HF = High Functioning (autism)

HT = Head Teacher

HV = Health Visitor

IEP = Individual Education Plan

JFC = Joint Feeding Clinic

LEA = Local Education Authority

LIO = Local Inclusion Officer

MAT = Multi Agency Team

MDA = Multi Disciplinary Assessment (team)

MS =  Mainstream

NAS = National Autistic Society

NHS = National Health Service

OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OT = Occupational Therapist

PDA = Pathological Demand Avoidance (syndrome)

PDD-NOS = Pervasive Development Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified

PP = Parent Partnership

SA = Statutory Assessment

SA+ = School Action Plus

SaLT = Speech and Language Therapist

SAMG = Statutory Assessment Modulation Group

SCD = Social Communication Disorder

SENCo = Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SENDIST = Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Tribunal

SENs = Special Educational Needs

SHD = School Health Department

S.M.A.R.T = Specific . Measurable . Achievable . Realistic . Time-constrained (targets)

SPD = Sensory Processing Disorder

TAC = Team Around the Child


[FFS! = For Fuck’s Sake!]