Liebster Award

Why not?!

To pass over one nomination for the Liebster Award would be a little ungracious, maybe. To ignore two would be downright rude!

So firstly, thank you to the two lovely ladies who nominated me for mine:

Phoebe at MeeBee


Greta at What My Husband Feeds Me

(I do like that they rhyme.)

As far as I understand it, the point of the Liebster Award is to generate new blog traffic in the direction of new bloggers and/or new blogs by throwing links and pingbacks around here, there and everywhere. Nominations are made and received simply in the spirit of community and it’s not the end of the world for anyone if you choose to just ignore it.

If you are inclined to link into the chain then there are a few game rules to follow:

1) Thank the person/s who nominated you and link back to their blog/s.

2) Answer the 10 questions they gave you.

3) Nominate 10 blogs, each of which currently has under 200 followers (to the best of your knowledge) and notify those bloggers.

4) Come up with 10 questions of your own to keep the whole shebang moving forward.

This is where I have bent the rules a little bit. Well, I’m just like that. I thought it only fair to link back to both of the bloggers who nominated me for the Liebster Award but I really didn’t want to answer twenty questions about myself. And let’s be honest, your time and interest are just as short! So I’ve chosen to answer five questions from each nomination. I hope that’s ok with Phoebe and Greta and everyone else!


1: What made you start your blog?

The need to get stuff out of my head and the desire to write with some purpose. Also, I can’t keep track of all the random bits of paper with illegible scribbles all over them. This method of organising my thoughts is so much clearer. I don’t know why I didn’t think of blogging before now.

2. Describe yourself in five words.

Sensitive, imaginative, curious, distracted and cynical.

(Deeply, deeply cynical.)

3. What was your favourite subject at school?

Technical Drawing.

4. What was the first record you bought?

Every Breath You Take – The Police (7″ vinyl from Woolworths).

5. What was your first pet?

An inherited budgerigar named Toby, apparently. I was very young and I have absolutely no recollection of him.

6. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I am an animal. And so are you. But if I could be a different sort of animal, I would be a bird – so I could fly. A wild bird, that is. Not a caged bird like poor Toby. The romanticism of a wandering albatross appeals, but I suspect the reality is very far from romantic. Life is a difficult business, wherever and however it finds itself.

7. What are some of your favourite movies and why?

How long have you got? Films which have the largest and most immediate impact on me, I tend not to revisit because they were hard enough to watch the first time around. “Favourite” is entirely the wrong adjective for such films. “Brilliant” might be better. There are loads of films which sit comfortably between the two and I would choose a completely different shortlist if you asked me the same question on any other day. Today, my answer is:

Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet – It’s Romeo and Juliet. It requires no further explanation. (This particular version is visually stunning and has a cool soundtrack though.)

Inception – Love, love, love this film!!! Dream manipulation, thought theft and idea insemination. It’s clever, philosophical and flawed. And those flaws are intrinsic and integral to its appeal for me.

(And it’s purely coincidental that Leo DiCaprio stars in both of the above!)

As Good as it Gets – Jack Nicholson being Jack Nicholson. Intelligent Rom Com exploring the preconceptions and parameters of ‘neurotypicality’.

8. If you were a character in a movie, who would you be?

Alice in Alice in Wonderland (the Disney version!)

9. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?

Fiji. (As a first port of call!) I’d love to go island hopping in the South Pacific. It won’t happen any time soon though. The logisitics of our little family taking an internal UK flight are about as much as I could contemplate right now!

10. Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?

Temple Grandin, Oliver Sacks, Kristin Hersh, Savion Glover and my old A-level philosophy teacher.

The 10 blogs I’m nominating for the Liebster award are all quite different from one another and I’ve nominated each of them for a different reason. In no particular order, they are:

The Stonemasons Stone

Indie Ashley

Escape Outdoors

For Maureen, with love

Eli Glasman

Why do we rise?

Healthy Wealthy blog

Sonya Lira Photography

The Writing Catalog


The 10 questions I am asking these bloggers are:

1. What brought you to blogging?

2. What is your all time favourite kids’ TV programme?

3. Which book have you reread more than any other?

4. What is your favourite song lyric or quote from either film or literature?

5. How would you spend a perfect Sunday?

6. Fantasy dinner party: you are the host and can invite any number of famous/inspirational individuals, living or deceased. Who’s on your list?

7. What are you serving at your fantasy dinner party?

8. If you had a time machine, where and when in history (including into the future) would you go?

9. What question do you wish I had asked you?

10. And how would you answer that question?

As a final matter of courtesy, here are two pingbacks to Phoebe’s and Greta’s Liebster Award posts where you will find the full, combined list of 20 questions which I took the liberty of picking and choosing my 10 from.

(Accepting a Liebster Award takes a lot longer than you might first imagine. It has definitely been worth the effort for me though for several reasons: it has helped me get to grips with a few of the more technical aspects involved in blogging, I have fulfilled several day’s worth of ‘Newbie, get your sh!t together!’ challenges in one fell swoop – and I definitely feel more involved in the blogging community. So feel free to throw a few more awards my way!)

K. x

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